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Blood Betrayal (Deathless Night #4) by L.E. Wilson

Vampire Christian Moore has spent his entire life, both human and immortal, fighting for the respect of his peers. He has codes that he lives by. Strict moral codes; both in his personal life and his work. And he doesn’t break them. Ever. Until a witch’s curse forces him to spend his nights searching for females to seduce, or suffer the consequences. In a vain attempt to ease the agony of fighting the needs of his flesh, he finds himself far from home and at the carnal mercy of a woman with eyes like the midday sky and hair the colors of a summer sunset. His craving for her is all-consuming, and watching her dance makes his blood burn like acid in his veins. But he can’t not watch her.

When she was fifteen, Ryan Moss lost her mind. Or at least that’s what the voices in her head want her to believe. Afraid of being locked up for life, she runs from her home and the ones that she loves. A year later, on the streets of Tijuana, she finds something that makes the voices go away. And to get it, she’s ashamed to admit, she’ll do just about anything. Scraped off the street by the shady owners of an adult club, Ryan is forced to strip for a man she can’t see or hear. But she can sense his raging need for her even through the haze of her high, and her body responds with a hunger all its own. To be with him, she must chance the one thing she fears losing the most: Her sanity.

Her blood calls to him, and although he’s determined to resist her, Christian’s body betrays him. He must make a choice, and he’d better make the correct one. For unbeknownst to him, both of their lives depend on it.

The Judas Game: A Shepherd Thriller (Shepherd #4) by Ethan Cross

When a correctional officer climbs to the top of his watchtower and opens fire on the inmates and guards, federal investigator Marcus Williams and serial killer Francis Ackerman Jr. must join forces again to unearth the truth behind the incident. What they find is a serial killer using the prison as his hunting grounds. But the Judas Killer’s ambitions don’t end with a few murders. He wants to go down in history and has no reason left to live. With Ackerman undercover among the inmates and Marcus tracking down the mastermind on the outside, the team must learn the identity of the Judas Killer and stop a full-scale uprising that he’s orchestrated. But the more they learn about what’s happening at the prison and why the more enemies they must face. From inside the overrun facility, Marcus and Ackerman must save the hostages and stop an elaborate escape attempt while trying to determine how a rival corporation, the leader of one of the world’s most dangerous criminal organizations, an inmate with no identity only known as Demon fit into the Judas Killer’s plans. Launching a bold new cycle of novels featuring The Shepherd Organization, The Judas Game is searing, mesmerizing fiction it’s Ethan Cross at his very best.”

The Vow by Laura Daleo

Finals are over, and twenty-year-old Claire Matthews can hardly wait to begin summer break until…she arrives home to an army of police swarming her parents’ front lawn. Detective Reynolds delivers the dreadful news that the man and woman inside the home are dead, and Claire is forced to identify their mummified bloodless bodies. Her world comes to a grinding halt when she learns that it is her mother and father who are the deceased, and her younger brother, JJ, is nowhere to be found. The predator accused…a vampire.

Claire is no stranger to vampires; in fact, these days’ vamps are a dime a dozen. One-hundred-thirty years ago a vow was made, combining the two worlds. A vampire’s survival no longer required a human sacrifice. Vampire Centers were created, offering human blood through transfusion; yet, why were her parents bled dry? Why now? What changed? Could a rogue vampire be responsible? Was it possible vampires, Nate and Parker, JJ’s best friends, suddenly hungered for human blood?

Stepbrother With Benefits 18 (Third Season) by Mia Clark

Things escalated. That’s what I’m going to say happened with our stepbrother with benefits relationship. It escalated.

Rule #18 – We have to be open with one another. We have to tell each other how we really feel.

I’m not sure you can fully grasp the gravity of the situation I’m in right now. I think I’ve unleashed a monster inside myself. I also think I kind of love it. I completely trust my ability to be responsible almost always, except when it comes to Ethan. When it comes to Ethan, well…

I don’t think we really have to think about how irresponsible I can be when it comes to Ethan. I just ditched class for the day, bought a plane ticket randomly to fly out and see him, and now…

I don’t want to talk about it. Things escalated. That’s what I’m going to say happened. They escalated.

It was only for a week, except it’s not anymore. Dating my stepbrother? Sure, let’s just see how that goes. Completely ignoring all my responsibilities, doing the opposite of what I know I should be doing, and seeking vengeance against my ex-boyfriend because he can’t stop being a complete jerk?

I’m the worst good girl ever, aren’t I? I used to be so good at it, too.


I’m just kind of hoping for the best now.

Loving Deviant (Cyborg Seduction #9) by Laurann Dohner

After barely surviving a horrific accident, then being held captive for years by Earth Government, Venice must escape the planet. She thinks she’s found the answer to her prayers when she contracts to be a deep-space bride—only to find herself facing an even bigger nightmare. Hiding from her con man “husband” aboard his space station, she comes across an intimidating cyborg…one who could just be her last hope.

Deviant is humiliated when his father suggests he visit a pleasure center to make use of a sex bot. True, the defects he was born with have assured female cyborgs will never consider adding him to a family unit. But he still has his pride. The woman who enters the room, however, is incredibly lifelike, and she quickly has Deviant feeling things he’d never dreamed—right until the moment he finds out she’s human. Sort of…

Venice needs Deviant’s help to get off the space station. Deviant is lonely, and in need of someone to teach him how to pleasure a female. They strike a bargain, one that has Venice giving up her freedom. But soon it’s her heart that’s at greater risk. It’s easy loving Deviant…even when others are determined to make it difficult.

Hart Broken (Hart #1) by Annie Arcane

Mickey Hart doesn’t do one-night stands. Until she wakes up in a luxury penthouse. With nothing but a t-shirt. And no idea who it belongs to.

Enter Cale Windermere. Driven. Ambitious. Successful. And so gorgeous he could’ve walked straight out of a romance novel…

Except I can’t walk.

Not that it ever stops me from getting what I want.

And I want her.

Even if she’s keeping secrets.

That could tear me to f*cking shreds.

Warning: Adult language. Cale has a bit of a potty mouth. Just saying.

Stepbrother Savage by Blair Lacy

All my life, I’ve been telling myself one thing, giving myself only one rule.
Stay away from my stepsister Tahlia.

He is cruel to me, a vicious monster. Yet I can’t stay away, even when I know he’s out to hurt me. Is it wrong when forbidden fruit tastes this good?

I’ve always known I would kill her someday.
Longed for it to come, the moment when my fingers wrap around her neck as she groans with pleasure.
Not long now, Tahlia.

As a killer reigns over the city, Tahlia Parker begins a torrid affair with her stepbrother. The gritty murders move closer and closer to home as Tahlia seduces Heath Evans, the man who took everything from her. Falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, Tahlia pulls Heath down with her, not knowing she might have awoken a beast hidden in the depths of his soul.

This is a dark erotic romance novel, which is coming out in March 2015. Contains adult content. This is a STANDALONE novel

Steal Me by India R. Adams

“Some relationships have hidden truths that few can survive. Only us strong ones can dare listen to, and have the balls to stay and bear witness to, the result of irrevocable damages. So tell me, Maverick, are you one of the strong?”

Maverick, unfortunately, is well aware of Tucker’s meaning. Mav has recently lost his father, his mother is slipping into a depression, and his little sister is in desperate need of a parental figure. But now he’s losing his heart to Tucker’s mysterious sister, Delilah. As Maverick squints into the sun, looking at the beauty standing in front of the lake, he wonders if his heart is crazy for begging him to take on yet another tragedy.