Black Waters (Tainted Waters #2) by India R. Adams

Black Waters is the second novella in the Tainted Waters series. It is highly recommended that you first read Blue Waters. Blue Waters is available for free at India’s website.

The blue water Whit once loved now looked black because it was claiming her, taking her from me.

Whitney Summers is Link’s best friend. He would do anything for her, even sacrifice their friendship to protect her. Whitney believes she understands what is transpiring in her life, but so much stirs beneath the surface. As her closest friend and protector, Link faces the darkness in his own life to guard the girl he loves.
This is Link’s story…

There was no beauty in her dying that day…


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One thought on “Black Waters (Tainted Waters #2) by India R. Adams

  1. I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.

    This story was, is, well….. Sigh. Wow, But…Sigh…damn… I can’t write this review right now. I really need to think on this and come back a little later.

    Well I must stress DO NOT read this book before reading Blue Waters.
    Ok now I do not normally like reading the same book from another’s POV but O.M.G this was so needed.
    So many unanswered questions you didn’t even know you had.
    So many things you didn’t even know you missed.

    The focus is still on Whit, Link and Crash (Wimper) But your reading this from Links POV.
    Boy it was on from the get go and didn’t let up till the finish line.
    So much love, so much loyalty, so much betrayal, heartache and sacrifice. It just poured out like a tsunami there was just no stopping it till it ran its course.
    This story will drag you along with it and have your emotions going haywire. Leaving Whit, Link and Crash a shadow on your soul.
    Never have I had such a hard time writing a review and have to try so hard to not just spill and tell you everything. But you really will so want to read this for yourselves and thank me for not spilling.
    As for Red Waters I really really want to read it, but I also really really don’t. In a good way! I just don’t think I could right now, knowing what I know.
    So to sum this story up as a whole….. O.U.T STAN.DING.

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