Fated Moon (Rogue Moon #2) by Lashell Collins

Billionaire werewolf, Trevor Dare, has learned two things – first, a wolf has no control over who his Fated Mate might turn out to be. And second, you should never kill a pack Alpha unless you want that Alpha position for yourself. Unfortunately, he learned that last lesson a little too late, and now the most notorious rogue werewolf in the city is wondering if he has what it takes to become an effective Alpha.
Detective Melissa Cartwright isn’t even sure she believes in all the Fated Mates business. She can barely wrap her head around the fact that there are real live werewolves roaming her city, let alone the fact that she’s dating one. But when Trevor’s world starts to become all too real, Mel finds herself wondering if she’s woman enough to handle it.

As their bond deepens and grows, the mysterious lycan Syndicate moves to assert its will over their lives. Trevor is given a choice – kill Melissa himself, or bite her and make her one of them. They should know by now the rogue wolf doesn’t take orders from anyone.


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One thought on “Fated Moon (Rogue Moon #2) by Lashell Collins

  1. I just new this was going to just keep getting better.
    Picking up where book one left off. We follow Trevor and Melissa while they both learn the new world they find themselves in. With danger threatening Melissa. Trevor is finding it hard to not turn her. She is his fated mate. Even if she does not quite accept that yet.
    But The Syndicate didn’t expect Trevor’s outright defiance.
    Oh i need book 3 asap.

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