A Bear Comes to Town by Macy Babineaux

Ben Blackpelt has been on the run for twelve years, ever since his father was betrayed and murdered by a treacherous wolf shifter who became the new leader of their clan.

When he stops in the small town of Lockdale, Texas, he meets Savannah Dean, a pretty, full-figured single mom who makes him want to stay in one place for a little while. But assassins are on his trail, and his attraction to Savannah might put them both in danger.

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One thought on “A Bear Comes to Town by Macy Babineaux

  1. Really enjoyed reading this.
    Ben is a bear shifter who is running from his home. For years hunters from his homeland have been hunting him. One day they catch up with Ben and he gets injured.
    Stopping at a small town diner he meets single mom Savannah.
    Falling sick from his injuries Savannah saves him.
    I enjoyed the pace and finished this in one sitting. However at the end it felt like there was a great big chunk of story missing.
    This may have been intentional but I would have liked a little more on Ben and Savannah’s growing relationship as it just felt rushed.

    Looking forwards to book two.

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