Destiny (Forever #2) by India R. Adams


“Serenity”—Dereck kisses me as he gently lays me back on our bed, moving his body over mine—“if I fail, if I lose you, will I see you”—he chokes on the painful words—“again?”
My throat tightens, fully understanding his fears. He has lost me in every lifetime I can remember. I softly reply with my open heart, “Dereck, you will see me in the future, the present, the past. For everything, including you and me, is as one.”

The phenomenal connection between Serenity and country music star Destiny Crowe cannot be denied. But will they have the chance to learn what this connection is about when dealing with unexplained interferences? Can they handle the pressure, discovering more about who and what they are? Because the more the two women are together, the more things start happening, for better and worse.

The brighter they shine, the more they are seen.
The more they are seen, the more other energies notice… and try to interfere with fate.

In this second novel of the Forever series, destiny will be tested, darkness will be tempted, and love will show its truest form.

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One thought on “Destiny (Forever #2) by India R. Adams

  1. Wow India did it again! Yep she made me cry.
    I had a plan to how I was going to approach this book. I didn’t want to rush through devouring it in one session. So I intended to pace myself.
    A few pages in and i had to put it down. What I was reading caused an ache in my chest and a deep inhale. Off to grab the Kleenex I went.
    My good intentions didn’t last long. I was soon devouring the pages. Growing as the characters grew. Hurting as they hurt. Loving as they loved.
    I’m not going to tell you what happens etc as I feel this series in particular is about how this story makes you feel.
    Connecting to all the characters in a story is rare. But in this case it’s impossible not to.
    I’m still clueless to the purpose of Serenity and Destiny. And I’m still perfectly ok with that.

    Thank you India for allowing me to read Destiny and for bringing me into your world. Sharing your heart and light with us all. #Createlight

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