Loving Deviant (Cyborg Seduction #9) by Laurann Dohner

After barely surviving a horrific accident, then being held captive for years by Earth Government, Venice must escape the planet. She thinks she’s found the answer to her prayers when she contracts to be a deep-space bride—only to find herself facing an even bigger nightmare. Hiding from her con man “husband” aboard his space station, she comes across an intimidating cyborg…one who could just be her last hope.

Deviant is humiliated when his father suggests he visit a pleasure center to make use of a sex bot. True, the defects he was born with have assured female cyborgs will never consider adding him to a family unit. But he still has his pride. The woman who enters the room, however, is incredibly lifelike, and she quickly has Deviant feeling things he’d never dreamed—right until the moment he finds out she’s human. Sort of…

Venice needs Deviant’s help to get off the space station. Deviant is lonely, and in need of someone to teach him how to pleasure a female. They strike a bargain, one that has Venice giving up her freedom. But soon it’s her heart that’s at greater risk. It’s easy loving Deviant…even when others are determined to make it difficult.

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One thought on “Loving Deviant (Cyborg Seduction #9) by Laurann Dohner

  1. When i saw Laurann had written another Cyborg book i was like “omg omg omg O.M.G”.
    2 years I’ve been waiting for this book so I wouldn’t be surprised if that faint buzzing in your ears was my very unladylike squealing.

    I was a little disappointed there was not more action but I still loved it
    Venice needed off Earth so she joins a find a bride list. But soon finds herself is in need of help after being tricked into marriage and now her fake husband is going to use her for activities she does not wish to be involved in. Along comes Deviant. A cyborg male who has been seen as flawed his whole 30 years of life. Considering all he has been put through there is no bitterness about him at all. I challenge anyone not to love him.
    Now I loved the story immensely but and i hate to pick out bits i hated about it but the cyborg females really are starting to P*** me off. The Cyborgs escaped from Earth and gained their freedom yet these damn females keep them chained.
    I get that they were treated extremely bad but hey so were the males. Not sure why this annoyed me more than it did in the other books. But I think its time they started to be taken down a peg or two.
    Now I need the next book. Please please please don’t make me wait another 2 years.

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