Stepbrother Savage by Blair Lacy

All my life, I’ve been telling myself one thing, giving myself only one rule.
Stay away from my stepsister Tahlia.

He is cruel to me, a vicious monster. Yet I can’t stay away, even when I know he’s out to hurt me. Is it wrong when forbidden fruit tastes this good?

I’ve always known I would kill her someday.
Longed for it to come, the moment when my fingers wrap around her neck as she groans with pleasure.
Not long now, Tahlia.

As a killer reigns over the city, Tahlia Parker begins a torrid affair with her stepbrother. The gritty murders move closer and closer to home as Tahlia seduces Heath Evans, the man who took everything from her. Falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, Tahlia pulls Heath down with her, not knowing she might have awoken a beast hidden in the depths of his soul.

This is a dark erotic romance novel, which is coming out in March 2015. Contains adult content. This is a STANDALONE novel

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One thought on “Stepbrother Savage by Blair Lacy

  1. Not your typical stepbrother book and to many unanswered questions. The story is confusing and way to short.

    98% of the story consisted of Heath treating Tahlia like s*** and Tahlia coming back for more. Whilst there is a stalker killing women that may or may not be Heath.
    Heath gets some and the book ends.

    No meat to this at all. It felt like the author couldn’t decide on either the pseudo direction or the thriller. If it was both, I’m sorry but it wasn’t working.

    Blurb states this is a stand alone yet at the end of this book it says “This is the first book in the Alpha Monster series! Stay tuned for the next book in the series, Stepbrother Killer, coming April 2015.
    Which seems is still awaiting it’s release. Although i have only looked on Goodreads. Maybe the author decided to not bother?
    With a little work this story does have potential.

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