The Thirst Within by Johi Jenkins

Seventeen-year-old Tori Green is an orphan—again. Raised by her grandparents in a quiet Midwest town after an accident claimed the lives of her parents, Tori must now move across the country after her last surviving grandparent passes away. To a new family that doesn’t seem to care about her. To New Orleans, The City That Care Forgot.

In a city full of new faces and new experiences, Tori finds solace in her new friend, Thierry, for whom she falls head over heels despite her many reserves towards the beautiful stranger. Thierry appears to genuinely care about Tori, until his brother shows up hinting towards a relationship that can never be. What is the big secret?

Determined to find the truth, Tori will find herself torn between two very different but gorgeous vampires…

The Thirst Within is tailored for a young adult audience and contains language, mild violence, and sexual situations, not recommended for readers under the age of 17.


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One thought on “The Thirst Within by Johi Jenkins

  1. I received this book in exchange for a honest review.

    Tori is seventeen and an orphan. After her aunt sends her away when her husband mysteriously dies she goes to live with an uncle and his family she never knew.
    Whilst our with her cousin she meets a boy. Thierry, who says he wants to be her friend. I felt the building relationship between Tori and Thierry rushed.
    Tori is very independent but also has low self-esteem. Thierry is, as expected, GQ material. And confident.
    I got a little bored with the amount of everyday stuff that was at the beginning ie getting up, going to school, being in class, having lunch, going back to class, going home etc. I was also disappointed at the lack of reaction when she found out what Thierry was. But all in all i did enjoy this book.

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