Corben’s Thirst: The Thirst Within Part 1.5 by Johi Jenkins


Every vampire was born human.

When Corben Ashby meets the fair Charlotte De Mayes, he falls hard for her—the kind of fall that one never fully recovers from. But can his love for her obliterate his shameful past, endure the ever harsh present and survive through his long, desolate future?

A prequel to The Thirst Within, Corben’s Thirst is the short gripping story of how Corben met his Charlotte in the early 1800s, how the circumstances conspired against his happiness time and again, and how he eventually came to be a vampire.

This story contains spoilers to Book 1, The Thirst Within.

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One thought on “Corben’s Thirst: The Thirst Within Part 1.5 by Johi Jenkins

  1. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    Tori goes back to visit her aunt and ends up stranded at the airport. Thierry arranges for Corben to pick her up and take care of her. Whist at his home Tori has an accident requiring Corben to give her his blood from that point on is all about Corben’s history and his suspicions on who Tori really is.
    I didn’t like Charlotte at all. and i was left confused as to what is going to happen between Tori and Thierry. I really like Thierry.
    I was disappointed so much of the book was taken up reliving the past and i did find myself skipping parts. But i enjoyed it and am looking forward to the third instalment.

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