The Vampire Within (The Thirst Within Book 2) by Johi Jenkins

Tori returns to New Orleans and tries to pick up her life where she left it prior to visiting her aunt. However, a string of alarming assaults keep her from settling comfortably back into her old life, and make her question her safety. And the new revelations that she’s trying to run away from may be the key to surviving a new threat.

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One thought on “The Vampire Within (The Thirst Within Book 2) by Johi Jenkins

  1. I received this book from the author via lop for an honest review.

    I started off not liking this book as it spent a great deal of time going over what i had already read in book 1.5.
    I was starting to get bored with it. But I persevered and things changed.
    It became more interesting with the introduction of the witches.
    The love triangle between Thierry, Tori and Corben grew more intense.
    It has a few twists but nothing that was unpredictable really.
    I really hated the ending. Thierry deserved better than that.
    All in all I did enjoy this and as it ended in another cliffhanger I’m looking forward to reading the next instalment.

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