Last To Die Arlene Hunt

He watches. He waits. He kills …

When Jessie Conway survives a horrific mass high school shooting, in the aftermath she finds herself thrust into the media spotlight, drawing all kinds of attention. But some of it is the wrong kind.

Caleb Switch, a sadistic serial killer has been watching her every move. A skilled hunter, he likes his victims to be a challenge to him. Jessie is strong, fearless, a survivor, and now…she is his ultimate prey.

As Caleb picks off his current victims one by one, chasing, killing and butchering them with his crossbow, he’s closing in on Jessie… But will Jessie defy the odds and escape with her life? Or will she be Caleb’s final sacrifice …

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One thought on “Last To Die Arlene Hunt

  1. I was given this book for an honest review.

    How do I start this one out. Nail biter. Revenge is sweet. Hold on to your seats. Just Rewards.

    Jessie is a normal teacher at a normal school till some wackos try to shoot it up. All of a sudden, she is in the limelight. That is a place she never intended to be. Hidden truths arise to the surface and tears her world apart.

    Caleb’s truly demented and he shows it right off the get go. Different than most sickos. At least he gives his victims a fighting chance (sort of speaking).

    Arlene Hunt will keep you guessing at each corner. Characters develop very quickly and then BAM, not what you thought they were. She has a good grip on the mentally unstable and that scares me a little. Would not know haw a person could develop characters like this.

    Will Jessie get her just rewards or will Caleb prevail in the end. Read it to find out.

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