Wicked Love (Wicked White #3) by Michelle A. Valentine

All Tyler Mercer wanted was to make music—until he met Avery Jenson. The beautiful new girl in town turned his head and struck a chord in his heart. But when their one night of passion results in devastating tragedy, Tyler hits the road, leaving behind his dead-end hometown and the girl he knows he’ll never forget.

After her father was caught embezzling, Avery’s comfortable life in the city was blown to bits. But meeting Tyler helped to pick up the pieces and eased her into country living. She just never expected the handsome musician would add to her heartbreak by walking away without a backward glance.

Now, three years later, rock star Tyler’s come back, hat in hand. He’s found fame and fortune as a member of Wicked White, but it’s all worth nothing without Avery’s love. Can she forgive him for leaving when she needed him most? Or will the ghost of their past keep them apart?


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One thought on “Wicked Love (Wicked White #3) by Michelle A. Valentine

  1. I was gifted this book for an honest review.

    Avery s a popular girl till one day her father is caught embezzling money then her life goes to pot. She her boyfriend is cheating on her, her so called friends are no longer her friends, her mother leaves and she has to leave her nice big posh house and move in with her grandmother. All they have left from the life of luxury is the car.

    Tyler lost his Dad and promised him on his death bed to stop whoring around and to pursue his dreams.
    That was until he met Avery. One night of passion results in a tragedy and Tyler leaves Avery behind at a time she needed him the most.

    Fast forward 3 years.

    Tyler walks back into Avery’s life and all is well again. It went from immature to grown up to fast for me. I needed that in-between.

    This story just didn’t do it for me.

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