Going Green – Waste




By simply getting rid of your trash by throwing it in the dumpster,
you are contributing to this growing problem. Trash from garbage
cans are usually disposed of by being placed in landfills or by burning
the trash.
Either of the above options can be very harmful to our environment.
Landfills constantly emit methane gas into the atmosphere, as well
when they become over full they can leak toxic waste into water
supplies and become a real hazard.
Burning waste also releases very harmful toxins into the atmosphere,
especially items such as plastic or rubber. Not only is this bad for our
planet, it isn’t very good for you to breath either.
So the real question is, why do people continue to dispose of their
waste in such harmful ways? The most likely answer is probably
because they are not properly informed of such matters.
As you read this book you will come across some very important facts
about waste and how to dispose of it properly. As well, you will likely
learn some new facts and some interesting information that will aid
you in helping our mother earth back to good health. After all, we do
need this planet to live on.

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