Baby Weaning



When To Wean Your Baby
When should you wean your baby? There are many different theories on this
process and it can be one of the most often asked questions to a pediatrician.
Even they may not be able to tell you when the process should be started. The fact
is, many mothers need a specific guideline that tells them when they should just
stop. There is not one of those guidelines available. The fact is, it takes a great deal
of time to make this baby weaning process happen and no one can tell you when to
stop breastfeeding.
In the United States, it is estimated that only about 20 percent of babies are still
nursing at six months of age. This is a very low number. When you compare this to
most other nations, you may find that the differences are quite striking. For
example, in most European, Asian and African cultures, babies will breastfeed until
they are between two and four years of age. Many of the mothers in these
countries would see stopping breastfeeding so young as is done in the United
States by most mothers to be very wrong.
Why should you keep going or why should you stop? There is no evidence that
there is any harm to a child that is breastfed longer. There are many benefits to
breastfeeding longer, though. You will find that the child is getting the nutrition
they need. You will also see that even if you breastfeed your child just one time a
day there is a benefit in this. Culturally people in the United States have put a black
mark on the process of breastfeeding past a few months but this does not have to
be the case.

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