To Love (To Fall Trilogy #3) by Donna AnnMarie Smith

The fall is upon them. Their hold is breaking. All they have left is their love.

Abby’s heart has finally given out, trapped inside her mind for weeks without hope of return. Each beat of her weak heart pulls Xander into a deeper depression, and Caleb struggles to keep his family whole. Putting all their faith into an unorthodox medicine, Abby wakes, but their happiness is fleeting.

In the conclusion of the To Fall Trilogy, Earth faces Armageddon and Heaven demands Xander’s fall. Now it is Abby who must hope Xander returns to her as she faces her greatest test.

To love her Xander.

*The To Fall Trilogy is a New Adult Paranormal Romance intended for mature audiences. Contains scenes that may be sensitive for some readers.

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One thought on “To Love (To Fall Trilogy #3) by Donna AnnMarie Smith

  1. Abby is dying. Kept alive by machines and the Angels.
    Xander is falling apart expending his energy time and time again. Taking Abby away in her dreams.

    “Forgive us, we are lost. We are in the dark searching for you. Come back to me. There is so much I promised you. I have a lifetime to share with you. Don’t leave me, Abby.”

    Again love and heartbreak just pour of the pages. Starting with Abby dying to rejoicing in her temp recovery to the soul searching love .

    “I, Guardian Alexander of the First Choir of Angels, vow to you, Abigail Miller, to take you to be my eternal wedded wife. I vow to love you as I can give my heart to no other, to hold you as you belong in my arms, and to fall for you. I vow to kiss your tears as they will become my sorrow, and to rejoice in your smiles as they will become my joy. I vow to make your lips the only ones I will want to kiss and dream of you when I close my eyes. I vow I will guard our love against all who mean to pull us asunder. My Abby, I give you all of me, to find you in life and in death, so shall our souls never part. Under God, this vow is sealed.”

    Finally Abby and Xander come together as one only to have it ripped away again.

    “What have I done? What have I done to you? My Abby, my wife, my children. I’m so sorry. Forgive me, please. God forgive me.”

    After what Gabriel and Uriel did and Raphael’s refusal to answer their calls the Guardians no longer have complete faith in the Archangels. Then they feel the pain of another Angel rushing to save the unknown Angel they are shocked to find Raphael crashing to earth wings bound.
    Even more shocked to find he did not abandon them. He’s been battling Gabriel and Uriel in Heaven to get to Abby and heal her. Finally Raphael gets to heal Abby’s heart.

    But boy the story does not stop giving there oh no. We have Armageddon to deal with and that’s a doozy.

    Raphael almost dies protecting Abby, Abby gets taken by Astaroth. Lucifer takes a stroll on Earth and Valeah gets a promotion to the tenth Choir.
    Then Michael forces Xander back to Heaven for his Fall.

    Abby is left to morn her loss of Xander until one day she dreams of his fall and finds him in their home which no idea who she is or what they were to each other.

    “Abigail Wright, you will not. Your love for each other knows no bounds. Make him fall in love with you. I believe it will make it easier to prove yourself to God.”

    “Your husband had a message for you.” My head flew backward, pleading him to tell me. “He begged your forgiveness. He asked you never doubt his love for you. Follow your heart and it will guide him back to you, for only you exist in his.”

    This story keeps you on a roller coaster of emotions and action. Grips you from the first to the last page. I have no faith in religion but hell even I felt like I lost faith in the Archangels and God reading this lol.

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