To Hold (To Fall Trilogy #2) by Donna AnnMarie Smith

Their love is threatened. Their faith is tested. Their world is crashing around them.

In the continuation of The To Fall Trilogy, Abby’s nightmare and Xander’s fear has come true. After a brutal attack, Cresil has left Abby’s mind fractured and her soul tainted by evil. Unable to heal her, the Wrights pray to the Archangels for help, but they discover deception at every turn.

Demons are flooding the Earth, threatening Armageddon, and Abby is slipping further away from Xander. Even with all his Heavenly gifts, it is only Abby that can save herself, and Xander must do the one thing she asks of him, the one thing he fears is impossible before he loses her forever.

To hold his Abby.

*The To Fall Trilogy is a New Adult Paranormal Romance intended for mature audiences. Contains scenes that may be sensitive for some readers.

Please note, the revised edition was released September 2015.

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One thought on “To Hold (To Fall Trilogy #2) by Donna AnnMarie Smith

  1. The Fall finishes on a real cliffhanger with Cresil’s attack on Abby
    To hold picks right back up where The Fall left off. Cresil broke something in Abby and watching her heal is a heartbreaking journey!

    “She’s my light in the dark.
    She’s my dream come true.
    She’s my reason.”

    The love Abby and Xander share for each other pours off the pages along with the heartbreak.
    Seeking the help once again from the Archangels. Raphael answers the Guardians call. Raphael was amusing and at times overbearing. But you couldn’t help but love him to.
    The whole story is centered around Abby’s healing then leaves us with another doozy of a cliffhanger.

    “The world went silent. Everything surrounding me stilled and faded into nothingness, only leaving her. My vision blurred and tilted. My chest felt empty, stripped, hollowed out by an unseen force. My knees buckled.
    My love. My Abby.
    She was gone.”

    I think if the third book was not already released id have screamed my frustration to the heavens.

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