The things I did to her between the sheets were so nasty they should have been illegal.

I never wanted either of us to get in so deep.

Love wasn’t in the cards for me. It never had been, never would be.

And bad boys like me didn’t play to win… they played to control.

And controlling Addison was the best thrill I’d ever known.

Every bad boy needed a good girl…

And I was fixing to make her mine.


I never thought I’d allow anyone to do the things he did to me.

But he wasn’t anyone.

He was Braden Nash.

Rich, powerful, and dangerous Braden Nash.

He gave the word bad a new meaning.

I felt like I had been born for the sole purpose of pleasing him.

For the sole purpose of him owning me.

I never thought I’d be a bad boy’s good girl…

But he changed my mind.

Now the only question left was, could I change his heart?

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One thought on “CHISELED (A BAD BOY ROMANCE) by Alexa Rynn

  1. Few editing errors but nothing major. 3 stars for the lack of information on it being segmented.

    Addison is saved by a mystery man who suddenly disappears. She immediately starts calling all the reporters in a bid to get them to listen to her and write her story. She wants to make sure her mystery hero is not portrayed in a bad light.

    This story has a lot of potential. The only thing that really p****d me off was nothing in the blurb happened. It’s misleading. It’s not even titled as a segmented book. Not surprisingly it also finished on a cliff hanger.
    I would not have read this if I knew beforehand.
    There is no indication of when the next segment is due out either. I am really starting to dislike this authors way of segmenting a single story.
    I don’t think i will read anymore releases as i will have moved on and forgotten about the next segment for this.

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