HEAT: Abducted To Be His Mate by Sadie Sins

Ryan Moss is a werewolf long separated from his pack. He has no idea how dangerous his heat is until he finds himself stalking down the closest available bachelor. Unfortunately for Ryan, his wolf finds Shane Cooper, the gay bashing, angry, rich punk that’s been tormenting him for the last ten years.

Even though Ryan hates Shane, his wolf won’t be denied. Against all sanity, he bites the blond and drags him home to mate.

Bound and trapped in Ryan’s basement, Shane plots his escape. He has no interest in being anyone’s mate, especially to his long time rival. If only his body would stop betraying him, seeking out first touch and then pain, things Ryan knows how to gift just right.

Ryan discovers that underneath his lust and resentment, he might just love his angry mate. But after what he’s done, can Shane ever forgive him enough to see him as worthy?

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One thought on “HEAT: Abducted To Be His Mate by Sadie Sins

  1. Fast read. Little different from what i am used to with a MM PN book.
    Not really much story just loads of mating. Has a couple of scenes of what i would consider rape in. So if it offends then you have been warned.

    Ryan and Shane have grown up together and always fought. Now they cant stand each other.
    Ryan a werewolf and is in heat. He needs to compete his exam and goes into school knowing it’s a very bad idea.
    Shane is his usual mouthy anti gay self and baits Ryan at a time he really should have just left it alone.
    Ryan bites Shane. Mating him. Abducts him and ties him to a chair in his basement. Where he daydreams of doing all kids of dirty things to Shane.
    Shane is his mate, his to protect, his to love. His to do with, whatever he pleases. With or without his consent.

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