Mobile Marketing Trends and small businesses




Marketing can simply be defined as the art of
selling products. This implies that marketing
aims at understanding the needs of the customers
and creating a product or service that the
customers are ready to buy. Today, marketing is
not as simple as it used to be. Marketing is
changing and so is the marketplace. The main
reasons for change in which marketing is done are
changing technology and globalization. Today, the
marketplace is digital rather than physical. This
is the underlying concept of mobile marketing or
mobile commerce.
Traditionally, mobile marketing can be defined as
marketing in a moving fashion whereby companies
make use of mobile promotional methods for
selling their products and services. The best
example of this is the moving billboards used for
selling products and services. However, with the
emerging technology, this definition has been
replaced. Today, mobile marketing means selling
products and services to the existing as well as
the potential customers with the help of any
mobile device or a network. Mobile commerce is an
interactive form of marketing whereby companies
and organizations are able to remain in touch and
communicate with their customers as and when

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