Healthy Fat Loss




In the pages of this book you will learn:
what foods to eat to improve your mental powers, step up
your vigor how to use today’s 3 sensational
food supplements harmful food cravings and how
to overcome them,

How to take the nuisance out of calorie counting,
7 ways to lose weight and keep it lost—automatically
How going on and off diets does more harm than good
How to figure how long you’ll live
Why you may be wasting money on vitamin pills
What the “easy, fast” reducing formulas don’t tell you
How your eyes, heels, elbows warn of arteriosclerosis
How to “cook in” the good in foods you eat
Fantastic health miracles performed with the new wonder
Foods that keep older people from feeling their age
How a low-fat intake keeps you off the sick list
How food supplements guard against virus infections
Food secrets of people with outstanding vitality
Why getting fat is worse than being fat
How alcohol can be beneficial in your diet
How to survive a heart attack to a ripe old age
The truth about tobacco and health
How much fatty food is safe for you
5 “golden rules” of nutrition worth more than all the gold in
the world

We deem it a privilege to have the opportunity to disseminate this
important health-giving information through the medium of this book.

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