I’m Keeping You (Starting Out #4) by Jane Lark

The sequel to the US bestselling NA romance, I Found You.

The sun was warm on my hair and face. The river looked cool and inviting. I felt superhuman. I was the best mom in the world…

I’ve faced many demons in my life, but my bipolar brain is the enemy inside me. Even my fairytale knight in shining armour, my husband, Jason, cannot always be there to save me from myself – and since the day I walked into a river with our precious baby son, Saint, our relationship has changed, no matter what he tells me.

Now we risk losing our innocent boy again, but this time to his biological father, my sleazy ex, Declan. So I’m going to New York to fight for my family, but I’m scared because I have to fight myself too. I ran away from my life in New York it feels like going back could ruin everything but if I don’t go we might lose Saint. I can’t lose Saint…or Jason…

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One thought on “I’m Keeping You (Starting Out #4) by Jane Lark

  1. This was gifted to me via the publishers for an honest review.

    I haven’t read the others in this series and I regretted that after reading this.
    I will be rectifying that.
    Declan is trying to take Saint because Jason wants to adopt him. This story’s main focus is on Rach and Jason and how Rach’s Bipolar affects their life. It was very insightful. Made me think more about the effects Bipolar has on people. However I did feel there was to much focus on this and not enough on the story. It didn’t spoil the story for me. Just left me wanting more.

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