Black Diamonds (Christian’s Coven #11) by Lynn Hagen

When Christo asks Van for a favor, Van has no idea what he’s getting himself into. He’s sent to Black Diamonds to gather intel on the Vittore brothers—three vampires known for their cruelty and violence. Van is accidently auctioned off to the highest bidder, and it’s the eldest Vittore who purchases him.

Against his will, Van is forced to endure Mayhem’s cruelty. He has no love for vampires and even less for the three brothers—Mayhem, Chaos, and Fury. But nothing is ever as simple as it seems and the longer Van is held captive, the more he sees that Mayhem is not the darkness and death everyone has claimed him to be.

But one of Mayhem’s brothers wants Van dead. Mayhem has to not only protect Van from his sibling, but unbeknownst to him, Fury has just kidnapped a mate who belongs to one of the deadly twins.

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One thought on “Black Diamonds (Christian’s Coven #11) by Lynn Hagen

  1. ** spoiler alert ** I just love this author.
    I think i own every book that’s been written.
    Mayhem, Chaos and Fury. I thought oh good some new blood. Leading to more stories yippie.
    Van goes on a spy mission for Christo’s that ends up going wrong.
    Van gets sold and the buyer turns out to be Mayhem, his mate.
    Mayhem has no idea what to do with Van. But he knows he cant let him go. Van has no idea Mayhem is his mate and ends up being pretty scared of Mayhem for a good chunk of the story.
    When Fury tried to seduce Van, the story changes from Van loathing his mate to loving him.

    I was sad and surprised over what happened to Fury. I was hoping there would be more to come from him.
    He was a lost soul and it would have been nice for him to find his mate and happiness once more. Not like Lynn to kill off the “good” guys.

    Looking forward to the next book.

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