A Wolf’s Desires (Shifters of the Claiming Kind #6) by Jordan Ashton

James Brooks has come to a crossroad in life. After seeing his older brothers find their perfect mates, he’s realized he needs a change. He no longer wants to be a rancher. He wants fun, excitement, and to find love. When Roger Meanders comes to the ranch on vacation, James tries to seduce the hunky tiger shifter and make Roger see that he’s no longer the shy, geeky sixteen year old who followed him around years ago. He’s a virile man who loves him and wants to claim him as his mate.

Haunted by his FBI partner’s death, Agent Roger Meanders heads to his old friend Chandler’s ranch, intent on relaxing and forgetting his woes. He’s pleasantly surprised to find Chandler’s younger brother James is all grown up and as handsome as ever. He can’t seem to take his eyes, or his mind, off of the sexy wolf shifter.

When a supposed killer in a case Roger’s been working on is spotted in town, Roger asks for James’s help to spy on the suspect. They soon get caught in a tangled web of mystery, danger…and love. Will they finally succumb to their feelings before it’s too late?

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One thought on “A Wolf’s Desires (Shifters of the Claiming Kind #6) by Jordan Ashton

  1. Well i got to book 6 hoping it would get better, but no. The story line is still weak. The romance feels clumsy and i really have no idea why shifters were even included because it sucked at it. But what annoyed me the most was the filler. Each book recapped on the brothers stories before. How they met their mates, what they went though etc etc. It may be because each book could be read as a standalone and the brothers were a close nit family so the author wanted you to know of the other couples. Either way it annoyed the heck out of me and id started to page jump.

    All in all they were ok short M/M reads. If your after the paranormal shifters then you wont really get your fix reading these.

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