Avenging Salvation (The Damned and the Pure #4) by J.D. Stonebridge

The end is near. The archangels’ plan is underway and their victory is already within reach.

Lucifer and Michael’s plan to usurp God has been afoot all along and there’s only one thing left to be done for them to reach their goal. Despite the the loss of a loved one in the war against the angels, Caelum and Ariel continue to fight along with others who are against the archangels’ plan.

With the arqangels’ takeover imminent, Caelum faces an impossible choice to try and stop them. The stage is set for the battle that would determine the fate of the worlds.

In the spellbinding final installment of the supernatural suspense thriller, The Damned and the Pure, all humanity hangs in the balance in a war for all the souls on Earth; and the only hope for salvation rests at the hands of an angel who lost her way and a demon who found his soul.

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One thought on “Avenging Salvation (The Damned and the Pure #4) by J.D. Stonebridge

  1. I was gifted an ARC of this book by the author and was not asked to give a review.

    Well what can I say about this final installment? Wow does not seem to be enough.

    Hell is dying and the human world is not far behind. The Angels are fighting each other and Lucifer and Michael are watching their plan unfold.
    Since before Lucifer’s banishment from Heaven they have plotted for this outcome. Now all the planning and waiting is over.
    They will bring about the Rapture and become the creator. But a few who still follow their Father are standing in the way with the help of a very special Demon.

    J D Stonebridge delivers a well written final episode to this amazing story.
    It took me a couple of days to finish this as i didn’t want to get to the end. But sadly the end finally came.
    I loved all the main characters in this series. The plot was just fantastic.

    I have loved being along for the ride. Seeing the characters grow and the final battle unfold.
    A few twists and surprises, with action from the first chapter to the last.
    It was a nice twist on how Angels and Demons are usually portrayed.
    J D Stonebridge has a way of bringing the story to life. Her world building and attention to detail is so good its like watching a movie in your head.

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