Picture Me This by Marina Lovechild

“One snap with the shutter of my camera, and you will be mine forever,” he whispered.

My name is Sam, short for Samantha. I’m regular, boring and plain. During my time in college, the only class I could ever relax in was photography, or at least… until I met him.
The new photography teacher changed everything. He is too sexy for his own good, and his mind too twisted for words to describe. Now, I live every aching moment thinking about him, knowing that I shouldn’t. Together, we spiraled out of control, tumbled into the darkness, and honestly..? I think I like it.

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One thought on “Picture Me This by Marina Lovechild

  1. I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.

    I really liked this story. Aiden and Samantha were very easy to connect with. Both are lost and trying to find themselves.
    Aiden leaves his photography career behind and becomes a photography teacher at a college. Sam is a student in his class. Sam feels her work is nothing and questions herself constantly. Both Sam and Aiden are attracted to each other and after Aiden asks her to meet him in class one evening they end up wrapped within each other.
    Aiden tries to fight the darkness he feels within himself but his obsession with Sam wont be denied.
    Sam needs to feel Aiden’s darkness but he keeps running away leaving her shattered and destroyed inside.
    They’re lost without each other but being together could destroy them both.

    I loved the soft S & M with Sam and Aiden finding who they are together. Marina managed to pull you into their world of confusion, love and heartache.
    The story was slow to start but it picked up after Sam and Aiden’s first time together, from there it was pretty fast paced. A few editing errors but nothing that really took away from the story.

    First S & M book that i have read with the word vulva used. It seemed out of place for the kind of story it was. It made me cringe. Reading it felt dirty and took a little away from the beauty of the love Aiden and Sam shared.

    Well worth a read.

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