Battle of the Brains (The Misadventures of Maggie Moore, #2) by Michelle Graves

Maggie Moore is leaving small-town south Georgia behind to embrace adulthood on her own in big-city Atlanta.

Finding inspiration in the unique people she’s met covering obscure sporting events, Maggie decides it’s time to fill her life with adventure – just as soon as she figures out how to cut ties with good ol’ Murphy, and his pesky laws, once and for all.

Naturally, the universe has different plans.

Before she even sets out to cover her next big story, Maggie is bombarded with old wounds and new insecurities, forcing her to choose between the reality in front of her and the promise of a dream just out of reach.

Channeling the hard-fought lessons of her Dad, Maggie struggles against the seemingly insurmountable force that is her troublesome partner, learning the hard way that things are never as easy as you think they’ll be.

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One thought on “Battle of the Brains (The Misadventures of Maggie Moore, #2) by Michelle Graves

  1. Wow! Loved it! Murphy’s Law at its best…poor Maggie.

    I’d forgotten how clumsy Maggie was until I started reading Battle of the Brains…I laughed so hard. Michelle Graves you nailed yet another story that I couldn’t put down…unfortunately work & sleep interrupted my reading…

    The bickering between John and Maggie is the best. They love each other but neither of them will admit it….the chemistry between is comical and frustrating. I’m anxious to see what the next story will bring about…

    I wish I was articulate with my words on reviews like you are writing the stories. I just want to say thank you! You ask, “What for?” For being the person you are and writing stories that are fashioned after every day life…I know there are a few that Murphy’s Law seeks it’s revenge on…

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