Lilith’s Garden of Madness (Unforeseen Beings #1) by N.L. Johnson

Hidden away behind the doors of Kelton Mental Institution is a power unlike any the world has ever experienced. It has been locked away for so long that many no longer believe it exist. That was until Hannah finds it down the South Hall of Kelton. But should it have been found or forgotten along with the remainder of the “untreatables”. What Kelton kept locked away is only a taste of what is to come as a completely unknown world of angels, demons and the unforeseen beings, opens up or rather wakes up with the release of Room 102.

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One thought on “Lilith’s Garden of Madness (Unforeseen Beings #1) by N.L. Johnson

  1. I found this dark and confusing to say the least. Room 102 is that Sarah from the beginning of the book? You never learn room 102’s name but the story is in a mental institution and it makes you wonder who is more crazy the patients or the staff…
    The way the book ended just makes for more unanswered questions…

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