The Curse of the Bruel Coven by Sabrina Ramoth

When secrets from the past collide with the present, the consequences may be deadly.

Vivienne Davenport is an ordinary teenager—at least, she thinks she is. Then the untimely death of her mother reveals a family secret. She’s adopted . . . and her real mom is a witch.
The truth only complicates Vivienne’s life further. Buried deep within her family’s history of magic is a deadly curse that has plagued them for generations.
When her birth mom disappears, Vivienne must tap into her suppressed powers to save her long-lost mother—and herself.
Can Vivienne become the witch she needs to be? Or will her newfound powers prove too much for her to handle? Only one thing is certain: She will soon learn that all magic comes at a price.

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One thought on “The Curse of the Bruel Coven by Sabrina Ramoth

  1. I have read what other people wrote about the book and I can honestly say I loved it. It’s simplistic writing is nice for a change but then again it is written for a much younger crowd than myself…
    Vivien learning that she was adopted after losing the only mother she had known for 14 years and then learning she was a powerful witch…yes she learned her skills quickly but again the story was written for a younger generation….
    I hope there will be a second book.

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