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Second Coming (First Fruits #2) by Amanda Carney

There is no sanctuary without him.

At last, she has it all. Everything she thought she’d never have. Acceptance. Friendship. Love. Parsley Walker is finally home. Allswell, the magical refuge for supernaturals, is all she’d imagined and more. She’s making friends. Learning not to hide her telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Learning not to fear. And most importantly, planning a future free from that ever present sense of foreboding with the vampire she loves. Her life, the life she was always meant for, is about to begin.

Then she gets the letter that turns her new world upside down.

Jesse Linwood has just done the hardest thing he’s ever had to do—turned his back on the only girl he’s ever loved. With Parsley safe in Allswell and believing he’s dead, Jesse returns to his sire, Patrick—the ancient, wicked vampire who lusts for Parsley’s blood—to convince him she’s somewhere he’ll never be able to find her. To eliminate the threat to her once and for all, even at the expense of Jesse’s own life. Because love isn’t about the heart. Love is about the soul and how much of it you’re willing to lose.

This book includes erotic scenes and graphic violence.

To Fall (To Fall Trilogy #1) by Donna AnnMarie Smith

God gave His angels the choice to fall, and for one heartbeat, Xander wished He hadn’t.

Angels don’t freak out. Ever. So when Xander Wright experiences his first freak out moment, he keeps it a secret…for twenty years. Forced by his siblings to finally pitch in and help with their assignment, Xander comes face to face with Abby Miller’s beautiful brown eyes again. Seeing her now as a young woman, Xander knows with all of his being that his heart and soul belong to Abby. They always have.

With demons clamoring to kill God’s Ordained Soul, Xander struggles to keep Abby’s identity a secret from Lucifer’s spawn and Abby, as well. Nothing could have prepared Xander for falling in love with a human, but as Guardian of the First Choir of angels, he will fight the forces of Heaven, Hell, and Abby’s weak heart to keep her alive. A life without Abby would be his own Hell, but to be with her, Xander must give up all he is and break his Vow to God. His one desire and his one fear are the same.

To fall for Abby.

*The To Fall Trilogy is a New Adult Paranormal Romance intended for mature audiences. Contains scenes that may be sensitive for some readers.

Please note, the revised edition was released September 2015.